ImoviesClub Review – Is it worth your hard-earned cash?

Okay, you have heard about ImoviesClub and now you are thinking should you spend $29.95 on it or not?

Instead of a blunt “Yes” or “No”, let’s explore its advantages and disadvantages to get a better picture. At the end of this review, you will have the clear-cut answer to your question.

If you are a movie lover (just like me) you must have tried several options for downloading films by now. But most of them are plainly below par. If you have a list of countless favorite films to download, but you can’t find them, ImoviesClub can be your way out.

Let us start with the disadvantages of this gigantic movie download database:

Not a true disadvantage but the company has played a little marketing trick. They have claimed that they will charge you a one-time fee, but actually your subscription expires after a certain period, depending on the package you choose.

There are three packages to download films legally.

Silver: Unlimited movies for 3 months at $29.95

Gold: Unlimited movies for 6 months at $34.95

Platinum: Unlimited movies for 5 years at $44.95

But even if you choose their silver package, you can download as many movies as you want in just $29.95 – a lot cheaper than any of the other options.  Obviously, if you can’t get enough of it, you can consider Gold or Platinum.

Another problem that you might encounter is that they have finite number of movies. There can be a few movies that you might not be able to get hold of. However, this problem is true for every single online movie catalog or even your local DVD store.

When it comes to the advantages of ImoviesClub , they are countless. Let’s explore them one by one.

Security: Whenever making a purchase on the internet, security should be your primary concern. Thankfully, the site offers ‘Secure Payment’.

Easy Registration: Registration is as easy as A-B-C and doesn’t take more than 1 minute.

Download or Watch: You can download the movies to watch later or stream them live. It means that you can enjoy your favorite movies in the comfort of your couch, in the plane or even on a beach.

Affordable Price: Depending upon the level of your hunger for the movies, all the three packages are extremely affordable. There is absolutely no per-title or recurring fee.

Movies become your property: Once downloaded, you can do with the MP4 files whatever you like, whether it’s simply saving them to hard disk or burning on a DVD to watch it on a big screen.

Only license service: ImoviesClub is the only license service, that offers 24/7 access to unlimited full-length movies for downloads to virtually any digital device including iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Archo, Mp4 Player, MacBook, notebook,  and of course your PC.

Lightning fast download speed: Speed is another major concern when downloading movies from the internet. Obviously you can’t afford the download to take hours. The movies are directly downloaded from the company’s high-speed servers at a whirlwind speed.

Conclusion: Evidently, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. But it’s solely your decision, either enjoy unlimited high-quality movies for a few bucks or keep sucking at other annoying, unworkable methods.

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Downloading films is now easier than ever before

Many of you, who have tried downloading films from the internet, might not agree with title of this post.

Obviously, there are reasons for this disagreement:

·         There are some so-called free portals that stream movies online but their quality is extremely poor, they are flooded with ads and you have to face countless restrictions e.g. geographical restrictions, bandwidth restrictions and so on.

And they also don’t allow downloading.

·         There are some illegal sites that claim to offer legal movie downloads. But if you fall a victim to them, you can end up in never-ending legal crisis.

·         The peer-to-peer databases are full of crap i.e. low quality and even mistitled movies.

·         There are some legal sites, but these are too expensive to afford.

But isn’t there a single website that offers high-quality movies at an affordable price?

Yes, there is one and if you are interested trying it out, you can instantly download movies here.

If you are looking for a site that offers picture-perfect quality, one time extremely low price and with no strings attached, you should give it a try.

You will not regret your decision because they offer worth for every penny you spend. There is no monthly subscription or per title fee. And their price is ridiculously low i.e. only $29.95 – unbelievable right?

You can’t get a cheaper proposition to stream or download all of your favorite films for just one membership. Truly, downloading films has never been easier.


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ImoviesClub – What is it and why film lovers can’t live without it?

I love watching movies.  

Nothing new, you must have heard many people say the same. And that’s my point. Movies are truly a mood-changer and a great recreation for most of us.

As you know that the time has changed and now we don’t want to waste a single second. Huge number of searches, for legal movie downloads, on the search engines shows that people no more like to go to the stores for getting their favorite DVD. Due to the amenities offered by the internet, we like to get everything, from movies to a life partner, while sitting in the couch.

But have you ever tried downloading a movie from the internet? If yes, you know it can be a sheer pain in the neck.

I suffered the same havoc for a long time until I stumbled across ImoviesClub.

There are several websites claiming to be legal movie downloading sites but most of them are not legal while a few that actually are, are too costly.

P2P movie databases are another option to get hold of your favorite movies, but downloading a movie from these takes a long time. Besides, the quality of these movies is usually awful.

So is there any site that offers high-quality and unlimited movies for downloads?

Fortunately, there are a few. But if you are looking for a site that offers DVD quality movies for no recurring billing, no limitations and features fast downloads, ImoviesClub is the only answer.

With just single membership, you can download or stream unlimited high-quality movies. I have created a huge collection of movies on my laptop as well as iPod. Sometimes, I even burn the DVDs and watch them on my big screen.

YOU can do it too.

All you need to do is just sign up for their one time membership and you get access to a massive collection of movies.

ImoviesClub offers your favorite movies for NO per-title or monthly fee, and NO bandwidth or geographical limitations.

What else would you want?

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